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Rehabwheel - established in 2020, is an American holding company, manufacturer, servicing, and distribution company, headquartered in San Francisco, California.

First business department: research and development & manufacturing.
Rehabwheel is a medical device company that develops and commercializes pedal exercise devices that attach to wheelchairs to treat spinal and musculoskeletal diseases.

The wheelchair is one of the most ordinarily utilized assistive gadgets to advance portability and improve personal satisfaction for individuals who experience issues in strolling. Many people in the world have a physical disability and require a wheelchair. every person the opportunity to exercise in any place and at any time with the LegMaker — an exercise device for people who need to stimulate muscle impulses and blood flow in lower limbs.

Legmaker Benefits — Not so many people can cross all challenges and go to their goal. Sometimes examples of others help some people, and sometimes people go this way alone. In most cases, there is not enough quality information about existing and new methods of treatment, about the results of testing new ones, and about people who have been through such treatment.

The amazing benefit is the compactness of the simulator.
The ability to attach it to the stroller at any time, as well as a small amount of time required for installation (5–10 minutes).
The simulator is designed for active and passive training by the movement of the lower limbs of a person.
Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Legmaker is an investigational device and is not approved by the FDA, only may use at the US, for research purposes please contact by email


A second business department at Rehabwheel - Distribution.

At Rehabwheel, we are a national distributor of medical products to fulfill the needs of consumers, hospitals, clinics, doctors, laboratories, surgical centers and healthcare facilities. Our pricing is very competitive, and we offer excellent bulk discounts on larger orders.

We pride ourselves on providing great client service, which means we’re obtainable on the phone or chat to know your wants and exceed your expectations and provide results when they need.

We have a tendency to ship a similar or next day for many orders. During these difficult times, we have a tendency to stay committed to providing the approachable valuation for today’s best merchandise for consumers and non-profit and profitable businesses.

Our success is predicated on paying attention to the requirements of our customers and partners. Supported your feedback we discover and supply the simplest merchandise obtainable.

We accelerated by premier Small Business accelerators, funded by NSF and NIH, such as MassChallenge TexasNashville Entrepreneur centerTech Futures Group, Translation of Rehabilitation Engineering Advances and Technology | TREAT (

We have a tendency to appreciate the loyalty of our customers - as a result of it we’ve been able to oftentimes increase our purchasing power and drive down costs. We're happy to assist, we're obtainable on whatsapp, phone or email. We glance forward to serving you!

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